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Hospice of North Iowa Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are an essential part of the Hospice of North Iowa team.  They help provide many different services depending on the need of the patient or family.

What do Hospice volunteers do? Hospice volunteers can choose the type of work they want!Hospice volunteer playing cards

Patient care volunteers work directly with patients and families, primarily providing companionship and support.  Some volunteers enjoy staying with a patient while the caregiver runs errands, attends activities or even takes a nap. They help when transportation is needed to grocery shop, go to various appointments or activities and sometimes just for a drive around the countryside or for an ice cream cone or cup of coffee.

Tuck in volunteers contact patients by phone at their home before the weekend to determine if they have any needs or concerns that can be taken care of during the week.

Bereavement volunteers support family members as they cope with loss, providing a listening ear during visits the year following a loved one’s death.

Hospice volunteer knittingSpecial project volunteers assist staff in the office with clerical activities, greeting visitors, answering the telephone, working in the gardens at Hospice of North Iowa, and with many office projects. Talents that are shared by volunteers are a gift to the families Hospice of North Iowa serves.

Muse Norris Inpatient Unit volunteers assist staff with answering phones, making coffee, greeting visitors and offer support to family and visitors.

Who can become a Hospice volunteer?
Anyone who wants to be a part of the team that brings Hospice's "special kind of caring" to the people of North Iowa. Every volunteer brings a unique combination of interests, experience and talents to the Hospice program. Hospice volunteering can be scheduled in your free time. Whatever your talents, interests and skills, Hospice has a need you can fill.

How do I become a Hospice volunteer?
People interested in becoming a volunteer for Hospice of North Iowa must participate in a pre-screening interview and complete an application process that includes a background check.  Additionally, a volunteer training class must be attended.  Training sessions are held once a year in various parts of our service area. 

Topics included in volunteer training are:  Choosing Hospice Care, Understanding the Family, Spiritual Care, Communication, and Grief & Bereavement.  Additional training is required for Bereavement and Muse Norris Inpatient Unit volunteers.

Volunteers are provided continuing education through inservices and newsletters.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or for more information, call:  641-428-6208/1-800-297-4719, email at: or please click here

"When I first decided to become a volunteer for Hospice, I thought about what I could do and give. Never did I imagine the feelings and giving I would receive."

"Having a Hospice volunteer is a marvelous experience. They provide wonderful experience. I just can't believe it. I don't know what I would have done without Hospice."

Hospice volunteers hosting a party

As a volunteer you give of yourself - your time, your skills or interests and your personality. But in return you get
to  know  another human being, and that enriches your own life.

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