Mercy Medical Center North Iowa

Therapy Services

Therapy may also be called talk therapy, psychotherapy, or counseling. Therapy is an opportunity to work with a
mental health professional to:

  • learn more about your mood, feelings, thoughts and behavior
  • Use the insights and knowledge you gain in your everyday life experience

Therapy can include:

  • an individual—individual therapy
  • a couple—couples therapy
  • an entire family or parts of a family—family therapy
  • a group of people—group therapy

Therapy can help you:

  • gain clearer understanding of your situation or condition
  • change thoughts or behaviors that affect your life negatively
  • learn ways to manage your stress
  • explore relationships and experiences
  • find better ways to cope and solve problems
  • learn to set realistic goals for your life
  • feel better about yourself

Your therapy appointment is 45 minutes in length. It is important to be on time so you have the entire time available to you. The first appointment is usually a time for the therapist to gather information about your personal, medical and family history as well as the current situation.

Parents or guardians must accompany children to their first appointment to provide important information and to secure the signatures necessary when treating children under the age of 18.

Conversations with your therapist are private and confidential. Talk with your therapist about any worries or questions you might have regarding your privacy and confidentiality.

 To get the most out of your therapy appointment, be prepared to approach therapy as a partnership, to be open and honest with your provider and to ask questions whenever you have a question or concern.