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Test Updates

Test Updates and Revisions made to MMC-North Iowa Lab's Test Index

12-19-2014. ESR method and normal range updated.

12-10-2014. C-Peptide now performed at Mercy.  Reference range changed to 0.78-5.19 ng/mL.

9-30-2014  PTT reference range 24.2-35.4 seconds with reagent Hemosil Synthasil N1237712.

9-18-2014  Urine dipstick glucose of 3+ is no longer called as a critical value.

7-22-14  Removed comments from Acute and Chronic Hepatitis Panels about duplication of tests and breaking up panels and ordering individual tests to eliminate test duplication

7-22-14  Removed comment that Mercy Lab, when a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel and Hepatic Function Panel were ordered at the same time, would cancel the Hepatic Function Panel and order test individually to avoid test duplication.

7-8-14  Intrinsic Factor (Mayo IFBA) will be reflex ordered and charged on all specimens with B12 less than 180 pg/mL

6-25-2014  Hemoglobin Post Dialysis:  New test/battery defined HGBXP/HGBXPD.  To be ordered by Dialysis only.

5-2-14  Added information about Lab drawing Vitagel/VitaPrep at request of surgery.

4-15-14  FDP discontinued.  DDIMER is recommended alternative.

4-15-14  CO2 reference range changed to 20-34 mmol/L.

4-14-14  Myoglobin specimen can be either serum or plasma (heparinized).

03-27-14 Cortisol Stimulation Test updated to reflect addition of form and fax to Bed Management 

3-20-14 Glucose Tolerance cutoff changed to 135 mg/dl for the Fasting Glucose.

03-07-14 Frozen specimens are now required for Hepatitis Chronic Unknown, Hepatitis C Antibody, and Hepatitis Acute Profile.  The reason for this change is that Mayo test HCVQU can be reflexed off a positive specimen and Mayo requires a frozen sample.

02-03-14 Levetiracetam CPT code changed to 80177

02-03-14 Lamotrigine CPT code changed to 80175

02-03-14 Gabapentin CPT code changed to 80171

02-03-14 Updated Clostridium difficile test for specimen temperature storage.

01-13-14 Updated Urine Creatinine and Urine Protein stability to 7 days refrigerated. 

12-17-13.  Test name changed to Transferrin Sat from Iron Saturation.

11-29-13. Updated acceptable specimen types for Monoscreen.

11-25-13. Linked Folic Acid RBC testing to Serum Folate, as it is the recommended alternate testing. Folic Acid RBC (Folate, RBC) has become obsolete.

11-20-13.  Added Glucose 24HR UR, Glucose Random Urine, Chloride 24 HR Urine, Chloride Random Urine, Magnesium Random Urine, Urea Nitrogen Random Urine.

11-11-13 Added LTI entry for Amylase Pancreatic, newly interfaced Mayo send out testing.

10-15-13  Removed Critical Limits Table from Inpatient and Regional Introduction and added a seperate link to the Special Helps section.

9-24-2013  Test no longer available:  BTS Bleeding Time, URPH Urine pH, EONS Eosinophils, Nasal Smear, APT, Urine Specific Gravity, Urine Fat

09-09-13 Deleted Directed Units for Crossmatch

09-09-13 Deleted Autologous Units for Crossmatch

09-09-13  Updated FFP for Infusion for receiving unit after thawing

8/28/2013  Folate and Vitamin B12 specimen type changed to serum or heparanized plasma

7-10-13  New coagulation instruments IL ACL TOP500 now in use.  Reference range change for PTT, Fibrinogen, Thrombin Time.  Critical value for PTT changed to >140.0 seconds.  DDIMER units changed to ng/mL FEU from mg/L FEU

7-12-13 Critical value for Phosphorus changed to

7-2-13 Updated urine cytology collection instructions (change in preservative Cytolyt)

7-2-13 Added Centromere Antibody entry for newly interfaced orderable Mayo test

7-2-13 Updated VCCL procedure.  Changed CRTM to CRTMM

6-13-13 changed dialysis critical Hgb value from

6-6-13 added new test TOPIR

6-5-13 HSVT replaced with in-house test HSVIGG

6-3-13 Mayo test CMVQU replaced Mayo test QCMV

5-28-13 CRTN-Carotene was replaced with BCARO-Beta Carotene per Mayo udpate

4-30-13 added new test MPSUR-Monoclonal Protein Study, Random Urine

4-18-13 G6PD updated information due to Mayo test update

4-17-13.  IGA, IGG, IGM, Immunoglobulins A,M,G now performed at Mercy.  Reference ranges updated.

4-17-13 GAL3 Galectin-3 level added as a newly interfaced mayo send-out test

3/18/13 GABP Gabapentin updated: specimen req., Mayo code, performed info

3-13-13  BNP specimen requirements updated.  Whole blood stable 7 hours. Remove plasma from cells and refrigerate up to 24 hours.  Freeze if >24 hours

3-8-13 CMIS Diagnostic H1N1 updated specimen collection performed method and CPT code information. Updated from MISM to CMIS

1-31-13 SOMC Insulin like growth factor 1 - IGF1I updated mayo code and methodology

1-11-13 CMIS FCTRC Chlamydia Trachomatis culture updated from MISM to CMIS order info

12-31-12 QUADM, FACTV, and FXMA CPT Code updates

12-27-12 GLUG - GLucose tolerance gestational; a NOTE was removed for fasting glucose collection information as a fasting glucose is not drawn with a one hour glucose tolerance test

12-21-12 CD4-updated specimen requirements

11-02-12 Updated Semen Analysis and Fertility Test Semen to define better which test should be ordered for regional sites receiving the specimens and the need for the preservative and that the preservative is to be stored in the refrigerator until the specimen is added

10-23-12  Updated reference values for the folowing test because of new instrumentation.  Ammonia, Amylase, AST/SGOT, Total Bilirubin, Calcium, Carbon dioxide, Creatinine, Electrolyte Panel, GGT, Haptoglobin, Iron and Iron Binding Capacity, LDH, Lipase, Prealbumin, Sodium, Uric Acid

10-23-12 Updated testing methods for the following tests because of new instrumentation.  Acetominophen, Albumin, Alcohol (Ethanol) serum and urine, ALT/SGPT, AST/SGOT, Direct Bilirubin, Total Bilirubin, BUN, Calcium, Urine Calcium, Carbamazepine, Carbon dioxide, CK, CRP, Digoxin, Direct LDL, GGT, Gentamicin, Glucose blood, body fluid and CSF, HDL Cholesterol, Iron and Iron Binding, Magnesium, Microalbumin Quantitative Random Urine, Phenobarbital, Phenytoin, Phosphorus, Phosphourus Urine, Protein, Urine Protein, Salicyclates, Theophylline, Tobramycin, Urea Urine, Valproic Acid, Vancomycin.

10-23-12  Updated specimen requirements and/or stability for the following tests because of new instrumentation.  Alcohol, ALT/SGPT, Ammonia, AST/GOT, Direct Bilirubin, Total Bilirubin, BUN, Carbon dioxide, CK, CRP, hsCRP, Direct LDL, GGT, HDL Cholesterol, Lactic Acid, Phosphorus, Salicyclates, Tobramycin, Uric Acid, Valproic Acid, Vancomycin

10-9-12 REPU-new test added for random urine protein electrophoresis specimens

10-1-12  Oxycodone Screen Urine and Buprenorphine Screen Urine discontinued.  Send to Mayo

9/17/12 TRYPT - Tryptase interfaced test to Mayo no longer ordered as a CMIS

9/13/12 TBCL - T&B Cell QN - updated specimen,processing,performed,and reference value entries

9/11/12 SIRO - Sirolimus interfaced test to Mayo no longer ordered as a CMIS

8/28/12 HMDR- Hemosiderin, urine- Updated to send Refrigerated, from send Frozen to Mayo

8/24/12 Added new tests Metanephrines Fractionated Free, BK Virus Molecular Detection by PCR and Itraconazole Level

7/30/12 CDIFFM- added causes for rejection

7/30/12 STLC- added causes for rejection

7/26/12 SSCR-added causes for rejection

7/18/12 FLUN-Farmers Lung Mayo #8768 is temporarily made non-orderable per Mayo test update, LTI updated with information for recommended alternate tests

6/19/12 CRLA Mayo #82976 has become orderable in Mayo, no longer order FCAGM

6/19/12 Updated Corisol ACTH Response test to contact Bed Management/First Call prior to sending outpatient to Mercy

6/13/12 Added serum as acceptable specimen for Transferrin

6/12/12 Chage to reflect PT with PTT to have plasma removed and frozen if testing would not be performed before 4 hours after collection

5/14/12 Mayo test #82976 Cardiolipin Ab is down temporarily.  Updated LTI to order CMIS for Mayo test FCAGM, which is the replacement test

5/3/12  Mayo #81019 Vitaimin B1 replaced with New England Mayo #85753/TDP.  The Mercy lab code will not change.  The specimen type has been updated

3/26/12 EPO is now run at Mercy

3/23/12  Add Beta-2 Transferrin: Detection of Spinal Fluid in Other Body Fluids

 2/2/12 Random specimens no longer acceptable for VELC, must order as a CMIS

11/25/11 Added Amikacin Peak, Random, Trough tests to LTI

1/11/12 Transport temperature for Plasma Cell Labeling Index changed from refrigerated to ambient

11/3/11 Removed Antimicrobial Assay since test hasn't been ordered for over a year

11/2/11 Measles, Mumps and EBV have been updated to reflect the changes needed to send tests to Mayo

9/25/11 Removed this comment 'Preservative can be added at the end of the collection, but must occur within 4 hours after collection completion.' from CTCH, VVMA, and MTPH

9/23/11-Hepatitis C Antibody Confirmation (RIBAC) had become orderable again

9/21/11-Updated D-Dimer to reflect plasma needs to be aliquoted prior to freezing.

9/20/11-Updated Chromosom Analys Bld-updated the CPT code to current Mayo listing.

9/16/11,  Preferred sample changed from plasma to serum for the following tests:  TSH, T4 Free, T3 Free, T3 Total, Thyroperoxidase Antibodies, Ferritin, HCG Quantitative, Luteinizing Hormone, Follicle Stimulating Hormone, Prolactin, Estradiol, CA125, Parathyroid Hormone, Cortisol.  Plasma will be accepted, but serum is preferred specimen.

9/16/11-Added comments-HIV 1 HIV 2 Antibody-comments added to explain possible additional tests that could be ordered and listed the CPT codes for the additional tests

9/15/11-Updated Chromosome Autopsy-updated the CPT codes to current Mayo listing.
               Updated Chromosome Congenital Blood- updated the CPT codes to current Mayo listing.
               Updated Chromosome Analysis Bone Marrow-upated the CPS codes to current Mayo listing.

9/12/11 - Updated BLOOD CULTURE-changed the recommended sets of cultures to be collected within a 24-hour period from three sets to two sets.

08/23/11 -  Updated DRUG SCREEN URINE PRESCRIPTON - OTC, for new CPT code.  CPT code changed from G0430 to G0431 per changes in Medicare billing.

08/05/11 - Updated the Gestational Glucose and the 2 and 3 hour Glucose Tolerance Test to ask for the dose of glucose given and the time given to the patient to be placed on the order

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