Mercy Medical Center North Iowa

Special Diagnostic Diet for Occult Blood Feces

*** These instructions are for Guiac based occult blood tests only, like the Hemoccult II and Sensa test devices. 

***If using the immunoassay test device, the Hemoccult ICT, no special diet is required.  The ICT method detects undigested human blood and is not affected by diet and is specific for colon cancer screeening.

Patients should be placed on this diet starting at least 48 hours before and continuing through the test period.This diet can increase the accuracy of the test results and may provide roughage to help comer silent lesions which bleed intermittently. Patients on unrestricted diets who test positive on one or more of the initial three slides is recommended to be retested after being placed on the special diet.

Foods to Eat:

Well-cooked pork, poultry and fish
Any COOKED fruits and vegetables
High fiber foods (whole wheat bread, bran cereal, popcorn)

Foods, Drugs and Vitamins to AVOID:
Red meat (beef and lamb) including processed meat and liver
Any RAW fruits and vegetables(especially melons, radishes, turnips and horseradish)

If some patients have difficulty with strict adherence to the diet, the following modifications may be made:

MODERATE amounts of these raw fruits and vegetables:


MODERATE amounts of alcoholic beverages

Vitamin C in excess of 250 mg/day
Caution: Some iron supplements contain quantities of Vit C which may exceed the Vit C daily limit.

Aspirin or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
(Avoid for 7 days prior to and during the test period)