Mercy Medical Center North Iowa

Sleep Services

Mercy Sleep Services recommends three steps to quality sleep care.

Step 1.    The first step in determining whether or not a sleep disorder is suspected, is making an appointment with a physician trained in sleep Care.  Mercy Sleep Clinic brings a multidisciplinary approach to treating sleep disorders by providing patients with access to both a pulmonologist and neurologist who specialize in sleep care.

Step 2.    The second step is an overnight sleep study at Mercy Sleep Lab.  this convenient location within Mercy - North Iowa ensures patient access to 24-hour comprehensive care.

Step 3.    The final step in your treatment plan includes a follow-up phone call or visit from a licensed respiratory therapist from Mercy Home Care. The therapist will help with your treatment plan and your return appointment with the physician.

For more information, call us directly at 641-428-7728 or the Mercy switchboard at 1-800-433-3883 and ask for the Sleep Lab.