Mercy Medical Center North Iowa

Sit Back and Relax with Extremity MRI

Mercy Medical Center - North Iowa now offers a new dedicated arm and leg MRI scanner, which is the most advanced extremity magnet available through GE Medical Imaging. The MRI was developed to evaluate injury and disease involving the upper and lower extremities.

Mercy - North Iowa is the first in Iowa to install this new technology!

The magnet combines the power and the resolution of a 1.5 Tesla strength magnet into a compact "mini scanner." Designed to image the elbow, wrirst, hand, knee, ankle and foot, the symptomatic extremity is simply placed in the short bore magnet while the patient sits comfortably in an adjacent padded recliner. Claustrophobia is also no longer an issue with this new device.

Patient comfort is extremely important and the new MRI offers the best technology with the extreme comfort!

For more information, contact us at 641-428-6555.