Mercy Medical Center North Iowa

Protocol for Resolution of Antibody Problems - Regional Hospitals

Determine if patient specimen meets criteria for sending to MMC-NI and call blood bank if specimen will be sent.

  1. Acceptable to send.
    1. History of the following antibodies: Anti-E, anti-K, anti-D+anti-C, and anti-D+anti-E.
    2. Probably passively transferred RHIG (History of negative prenatal screen, RHIG injection during current pregnancy and positive post delivery antibody screen.)
  2. Unacceptable to send to MMC-NI (please refer to TBCI)
    1. Positive DAT
    2. Positive antibody screen and no history of antibodies
    3. history of antibody(s) other than those listed above

If the current antibody screen is negative and the patient has had a history of an alloantibody(s), call The Blood Center of Iowa to order antigen negative units.