Mercy Medical Center North Iowa

Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition Care for Bariatric Surgery
During the initial assessment Mercy's healthcare professionals will review a patient's  weight loss history, medical history, and any history of eating disorders and also will review current dietary intake and eating behaviors. They also will advise to complete optimize nutritional status prior to surgery and address other dietary restrictions; and give instructions on two-week pre-operative diet and initial post-operative diet plan.

During the hospital stay for bariatric surgery, dietitians will supervise their diet. Post-surgery, patients will meet with the dietitian on an as needed basis as determined by the surgeon. 

Post-Surgery Education
This will include long-term nutrition needs to prevent malnutrition, maintain weight loss, and prevent relapse. Mercy Bariatric Center will address: vitamin/mineral needs, protein needs, fluid needs, and diet progression.

We will expect hard work as a partner with your healthcare providers and a willingness to follow recommendations.

Clinic Visits
All pre-op and post-op visits are held at Mercy Bariatric Center, located on Mercy's West Campus, 910 North Eisenhower Ave., Mason City. Enter through the North Entrance.