Mercy Medical Center North Iowa

NextGen Clinic Patient Portal

What is a patient portal?

 The portal is a website, much like the websites you may use to bank, invest or check school records online. In our case, it lets you send and receive communication with your doctor’s office when it is convenient for you.  It is tied to your clinic electronic health record so your doctor can easily send information from your clinic chart to your portal account.

 What can you do with your NextGen Patient Portal?

 - Request an appointment time and look up your scheduled appointments online.

 - View your bill and pay it online.

 - Receive your test results faster than through the mail.

 - Ask your provider a question or contact our billing department when it is convenient for you.

 - In the future, we will add even more features!

 - You will only receive an email to alert you that information has been sent to your portal account.  You will not receive junk emails and your email address will not be shared with anyone.

 - It is FREE, quick and easy to use, and your information is secure.

 Ask about signing up for the patient portal at your office visit.  Already have an account?  Login here.