Mercy Medical Center North Iowa

Inpatient Unit

The Muse Norris Hospice Inpatient Unit (MNIU), located at the Hospice of North Iowa Center, 232 Second Street SE, Mason City, Iowa, ia a beautiful facility offering a home-like atmosphere for patients and their families. There are six private patient rooms equipped with a TV, DVD player, stereo, telephone, recliner and a chair bed for family.  There is also a TV/DVD player in the family area with movies available.

The Inpatient Unit is used for patients needing acute care or respite care.  Families are encouraged but not required to stay with the patient as much as possible. Children are welcome at the Muse Norris Inpatient Unit,  We provide a playroom equipped with a variety of books, games and toys for all ages.

Visiting hours are open. Outside doors are locked for security purposes during the late evening and night hours and visitors may use the buzzer near the front door for easy access at these times.

All patient rooms in the inpatient unit have windows facing the Serenity Garden.  The Serenity Garden is an inviting, usable and therapeutic space where patients, families, and staff can relax, stroll, meditate, pray, meet, or simply find quiet solace in observing and interacting with nature.  The garden offers a haven of peace and tranquility with its fountain, gazebo, pergola and beautiful landscaping.


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