Mercy Medical Center North Iowa

Mental Health Consultation

Psychological Care for Bariatric Surgery

Initial assessment for admission to Mercy's Bariatric program includes psychological testing and interview with the psychologist.  This will entail an in-depth psychosocial history and administration of Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2. The session will take two to three hours.

The assessment is held at Mercy Behavioral Services, Mercy Medical Center North Iowa, East Campus, 1000 Fourth Street SW, Mason City. Mercy Behavioral Services is located on the fifth floor on the south side of the building.

Other requirements include:

  • Individual therapy/counseling as needed
  • Attendance at Support Group meeting once prior to surgery
  • Attendance at monthly Support Group meetings after surgery

The support group meetings are held at Mercy Bariatric Center, which is located on Mercy' West Campus, 910 North Eisenhower Ave,, Mason City. Use the North Entrance.

After surgery, there will be follow-up counseling, psychiatric consultation or behavioral modification as needed. Also available is the monthly support group, which is strongly recommended.

We expect an openness and honesty regarding psychosocial concerns patients have about what will be occurring before and after surgery.