Mercy Medical Center North Iowa

Medical Oncology

At Mercy Cancer Center, the Medical Oncology department is committed to improving the diagnosis and treatment of adult patients with cancer. Our physicians and oncology clinicians engage in a broad range of basic research, clinical research, patient care, and teaching.

Patient care is provided in one, easy-to-access location and in a very comfortable, home-like atmosphere all of which contributes to the emotional outlook of patients and their families. State-of-the-art research is offered at Mercy Cancer Center so patients can stay close to home for their treatment; no longer having to drive long distances to receive drugs only offered at universities and metropolitan cancer centers.

Meet the Physicians
Dr. Louise H Cragg
Dr. Natalia Ferrari-Gabilondo
Dr. Chitra Ganesan
Dr. Joginder (Joe) Singh
Dr. Steven R Snyder
Lila M Courtney, APRN