Mercy Medical Center North Iowa

Letters from our Customers

Mercy Medical Center - North Iowa's vision is to provide you with the best personalized care and healing experience in the nation. Letters from our patients tell us if we are providing that care and service.

Below are some of their letters to help you learn more about us and the care you can expect to receive when you come to Mercy - North Iowa.

Cardiac Care
I am writing to tell you of my appreciation of the doctors and staff at Mercy - North Iowa and for the fine care I received.

I was brought to the emergency room by ambulance because I was having symptoms of a heart attack. I was seen by Dr. Tatkon-Coker with Mercy Heart Center and it was decided I needed to undergo an angiogram. Dr. Congello performed the angiogram and determined I did have a heart attack and I would need to have bypass surgery.

The cardiac surgeon, Dr. Waters, and his staff provided efficient and friendly care. My family was kept well-informed and were allowed ample time to visit me during my recovery time in the hospital.

All the doctors, nurses and staff that took care of me were kind and provided not only outstanding care to me but also my family. North Iowa is blessed to have such an excellent facility available to them for health care!

Lois, a recent cardiac care patient


Emergency Room Care

I was admitted to Mercy Medial Center - North Iowa's Emergency Center following a crash in a bicycle race. I want to offer my thoughts and comments about my treatment.

Your staff was impressive all the way from admission to discharge. Everyone introduced themselves with a smile and informed me how they were involved with my care. I was impressed with their professionalism, competence and compassion.

Everyone worked smoothly together and that instilled in me a sense of confidence while I was being evaluated and treated. Communication was consistent and allowed a more predictable course of treatment for me. I had a friend with me and that communication allowed her to better understand what was being done and the estimated time involved. The nursing staff was incredible and I want to thank them all for their wonderful care.

I have worked in emergency units, as a psychologist, and I have received care and have observed the care of my racing teammates in emergency units. I can say with confidence that this is the best-run emergency unit that I have seen.

Your staff members are the ones to thank and I encourage you to recognize and honor their dedication and talent. Mercy should feel honored and blessed to have such a staff and I hope that administration fully recognizes the quality and dedication of their staff.

Thanks to everyone involved in my care.

You are good folks,