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Employer (EAP) Information

MercyWorks EAP

 As an employer, how will MercyWorks EAP benefit my company?

MercyWorks EAP serves both large and small businesses in the North Central Iowa area to meet the needs of their employees.

 What can I expect as an employer?

  • Employers can expect that EAP services will help ensure that employees remain on the job, are better equipped to perform work, and can cope with problems that may impact work performance.
  • Employers are interested in employees' lives. Employers realize that problems may disrupt the personal and work life of their employees.
  • EAP functions like a lifeline by offering help to employees earlier rather than later, when problems can escalate.
  • Services provided are confidential and are a benefit for employees and immediate family members. 
  • Supervisors can educate employees at staff meetings, annual evaluations and through informal or formal conversations about the availability and benefit of EAP services.
  • Supervisors can mention EAP services whenever they are aware of personal stressors in the employees life.
  • When performance is impacted, the supervisor has the option of making a performance referral to EAP by completing the Performance Referral Form. (Click here for the Perfomance Referral Form)
  • Supervisors are notified of an employees compliance with the referral with the employees signed consent.

For specific information regarding MercyWorks EAP for your company, contact Debra Georgia, EAP Coordinator, at 641-428-7797 or 800-433-3883, ext 7797. You may also email her at