Mercy Medical Center North Iowa

Employee (EAP) Information

MercyWorks EAP

 The MercyWorks EAP telephone number is 641-428-7797 or toll-free 800-433-3883 ext. 7797 during business hours. After business hours, call 800-468-0050.

 What does MercyWorks EAP offer me as an employee?

  • An opportunity to learn about problem solving and to develop coping skills, which will benefit employees for the rest of their lives.
  • An opportunity to receive support or guidance during problematic times.
  • An opportunity to minimize the adverse effects stress may have on employee's job performance.
  • An opportunity for a supervisor to assist an employee when job performance deteriorates.
  • Employees and their immediate family members have access to 5 sessions per calendar year per problem.
  • FREE counseling sessions paid for by your employer.

What about confidentiality?

No one but you and your EAP counselor will know about your involvement in the Employee Assistance Program. Confidentiality is an important aspect of EAP services, insuring employees that they have the privacy and safety to discuss any issues that are pertinent to their life without fear of any consequence.

In the event an employee is referred for Performance Counseling the supervisor will be notified of the employee's attendance only after the employee gives permission by signing the Release of Information Form. In the event a supervisor refers an employee for performance concerns, supervisors are asked to complete the Performance Referral Form, which is forwarded to the therapist prior to the employee’s first appointment. (Performance Counseling Referral Form)

 Who would be my counselor?

  • All MercyWorks EAP counselors have master's degrees and are licensed by the state of Iowa. Both male and female counselors are available.
  • The counselors have a variety of experience and expertise.
  • Employees may request a change of counselor if not satisfied.
  • The  counselors do not provide financial or legal counseling.