Mercy Medical Center North Iowa

Emergency Department

Entrance to the Emergency DepartmentMercy Medical Center - North Iowa’s Emergency Department provides patients and family members with the care and comfort they require. 

Mercy-North Iowa’s Emergency Department is designed with a focus on patient care.  Nurses’ stations are positioned directly outside the patient rooms, which allows our medical staff to continuously monitor the care and needs of our patents. This design allows our highly qualified medical personnel to better monitor patients while our patients receive private, efficient care in a calm, quiet and respectful atmosphere. 

Mercy-North Iowa’s Emergency Department features:

  • 19 private exam rooms.
  • Two trauma rooms.
  • Seventeen patient-care rooms.
  • A designated room for use by medical specialists.
  • A CT scan room and a digital technology room, offering enhanced images with lower doses of radiation, located within the department. This eliminates the need to take patients out of the Emergency Department for Radiology services. 
  • Nursery room where young children can play.
  • Components to enhance care for the senior population. These features include dimmable lights, padded mattresses, non-glare floors and blanket warmers. In addition, all Emergency Department associates have advanced education and training regarding special care for seniors.
  • Standardized rooms, which will allow staff to perform any procedure in any room.
  • Point-of-use supplies so staff will not need to leave the room while delivering patient care.