Mercy Medical Center North Iowa

Education Classes

All parents have numerous questions about caring for a new baby and themselves. The Mercy Birth Center offers many educational opportunities for you as new parents.  Individualized teaching also is provided by the Birth Center nurses on a 24-hour basis. Parents are encouraged to care for the baby as much as possible while in the hospital where nursing staff can assist and answer questions as they arise.

The Mercy Birth Center provides education manuals to parents through the physicians' offices at an early prenatal visit. It is a great resource guide for you throughout your pregnancy and after delivery. Classes that are offered to help you through your pregnancy include:

Countdown to Delivery and Beyond - This class is designed to help you prepare for the birth of your baby.  You will learn about recognizing signs of labor, breathing techniques, comfort measures, newborn care, and postpartum recovery. Take in third trimester.

Breast Feeding Support
Breast feeding Educators/Nurses are available to assist you with feedings and will answer your questions before, during and after your hospital stay. 

Videotapes on parenting, mother care and baby care are available for viewing in your patient room at Mercy Medical Center-North Iowa. Many additional classes are available through Mercy - North Iowa's Education Department. These include:

Breast feeding: A Healthy Start - How you feed your baby is one of the many choices you, as parents, need to make. Many factors may affect your feeding choice. Whether you have chosen to breast feed you newborn or are undecided, take this two-hour class taught by Mercy Lactation Specialists. Class focuses on breast feeding benefits, basics, practical tips, and support. Mothers and their partners are encouraged to attend. Take anytime during pregnancy.
The Mercy Education Department offers these classes. Check Classes & Events for a current class listing.