Mercy Medical Center North Iowa

CT Internship

Applicants must be graduates of a JRCERT accredited radiography program or submit proof of enrollment in a radiography program at the interview.

This clinical internship is offered in conjunction with the ARRT's required 16 hours of structured education. Interns may also opt to take online CT courses through the University of Iowa’s Computed Tomography distance education department.

Intern will need to comply with items stated in the MMC-NI self-directed learning contract, which includes the expectation to take the ARRT registry examination at the conclusion of the internship.

The intern must provide proof of the following documentation prior to starting the internship:

  • ARRT certification (upon radiography graduation)
  • IDPH Radiography Permit to Practice
  • Professional liability insurance through ASRT-endorsed Healthcare Providers Service Organization (HPSO)
  • Completed AGO (Alternative General Orientation) if new or returning to the organization
  • Immunizations, including current TB test
  • Cleared background check
  • Cleared drug screen
  • Cleared pre-employment physical
  • BLS and Mandatory Reporting Certification

Clinical Internship Costs:  No fee; it is an unpaid position

Structured Education Hours: The ARRT requires 16 structured education hours. Currently the ARRT allows any activity that is approved for ARRT CEU credit to be used if it pertains to the modality. Mercy requires at least one course must be on Cross-sectional anatomy (either from an approved provider or the University of Iowa). These courses will be paid for by the intern directly to the provider of the educational course (most all are online courses that take an hour – several hours to complete). Costs are variable; from $50/hour - $130/hour. U of I courses range from $800-1,000.

After January 1, 2018 the 16 structured hours must reflect the modality's ARRT examination content outline and must have at least 1 credit from each of the exam's major content categories.

Application Deadline for clinical internship: Accepted year round, contact us to learn of next internship start date.

Selection Criteria: Promising applicants are invited for personal interviews with the Admissions Committee. The Admission Committee considers all aspects of each applicant's record and offers admission to the best-qualified individuals. Positive applicant attributes include maturity, previous CT and/or MRI experience, an aptitude for academic achievement, strong attendance history/records, customer-service focus, knowledge of and motivation toward a career in CT.

MMC-NI does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, color, creed, religion, sex, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or associational preference.

Miscellaneous Costs:

  • Background check – approximately $15 (Human Resources)
  • Current TB test – approximately $15 at County Public Health Office or can do it an your physicians office but cost is variable depending on your health insurance coverage
  • Pre-employment physical – approximately $125 (Healthworks)
  • Possible CRT testing – approximately $125 (Healthworks)
  • Drug Screen collection and processing fee – approximately $40 (Healthworks)
  • BLS course fee, if not current
  • Mandatory reporting course fee, if not current
  • Professional Liability Insurance - approximately $50-100/year

Clinical Start Date: Variable

Clinical Length:  Minimum of 6 months, average 7 months, not to exceed 8 months.

Hours:  32 hrs/week with one day off to allow time for personal appointments, etc.

Schedules to be determined by CT supervisor to ensure best opportunities to secure needed ARRT exams.  Hours will typically vary between 7:30-4 and 8-4:30 Monday-Friday with a few weeks of evening shifts. 

Intern will be required to follow and be in compliance with Mercy attendance policies.

Personal time:
Up to 5 days allowed in case of illness or emergency.  If additional time is needed, it will be added on to the minimum length of the program.

Financial assistance:

  • CENT Credit Union will offer low-interest rate student loans up to interns. Call 424-2368 to inquire.
  • X-ray student loan payments to the CENT Credit Union will be deferred if provided proper documentation of the internship
  • Potential Financial Aid through U of I if decide you are ‘degree-seeking’. 

For interns opting for the U of I coursework to meet the ARRT structured education requirement:
U of I Online Coursework – for full information

The U of I online courses cost approximately $800-1,000 per course. There are additional U of I courses the intern could elect to take and may need to take if pursuing a U of I Bachelor's degree.

676:100 Sectional Anatomy for Imaging Sciences (3 sh) - Offered all 3 terms
675:110 Vascular Anatomy (3 sh)  - Offered all 3 terms
676:120 CT Procedures I (3 sh)  – Offered FALL only
676:130 CT Physical Principles and Quality Control (4 sh) – offered FALL only
676:110 CT/MRI Pathology (3 sh)  Optional; unless degree-seeking – SPRING only
676:220 CT Procedures II (3 sh) Optional; unless degree-seeking – SPRING only

Non-Degree Seeking opportunity:  Classes available through the U of I’s Center for Credit Programs’ Distance Education (division of Continuing Education).  for more information.

Degree-Seeking opportunity:  University of Iowa B.S. Radiation Sciences

If intern wishes to seek a Bachelor’s degree in conjunction with the internship there are other qualifications, applications and fees at the U of I.  Our clinical internship would NOT transfer to the U of I to fulfill the B.S. elective requirements (but the online coursework may).  Contact Jenny Maiers (319) 353-9110  / 319-353-8388, or E-mail:  or visit for more information on BS degree

Possible sequencing for the 2nd year x-ray student / applicant planning to start FALL internship:


Spring (Jan-May)

Summer (June-Aug)

Fall (Aug-Dec)




120, 130, Mercy Clinicals



100, 110

120, 130, Mercy Clinicals

We do not recommend more than 2 courses (6-7 s.h.) during the Clinical portion.

Optional; unless degree-seeking:  676:110 Pathology for Imaging Sciences (3 sh)  Spring
Optional; unless degree-seeking:  676:125 CT Procedures II (3 sh) Spring

Possible sequencing for the 2nd year x-ray student/ applicant planning to start SPRING internship: (in addition to the above table):


Spring (Jan-May)

Summer (June-Aug)

Fall (Aug-Dec)


Mercy Clinicals


100, 110, 120, 130


110, Mercy Clinicals


100, 120, 130

            Optional; unless degree-seeking:  676:110 Pathology for Imaging Sciences (3 sh)  Spring
            Optional; unless degree-seeking:  676:125 CT Procedures II (3 sh) Spring

For further information contact: 
Mindy Mutschler – (641) 428-6079 or