Mercy Medical Center North Iowa

January 2013 DAISY Award Recipient

DAISY January 2013.JPG

Marlene "Marty" Reyerson, RN, was January’s recipient for Mercy Medical Center – North Iowa’s DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses. Each month a nurse from Mercy– North Iowa is honored with The DAISY Award, which recognizes the super-human efforts nurses perform every day. 

Marlene is a nurse on the medical unit, 4 East. A member of Marlene’s team on 4 East nominated her for the award.

“Many years ago when my mom was hospitalized, Marty was her nurse. Of course, I was very worried because my mom was in her 40’s at the time and had ‘hypertensive urgency.’ Many of my family members are nurses so I knew I had to worry about her having a stroke … Marty was very attentive to my mom’s needs as well as all of ours. She brightened the mood with her smiles and stories. She treated and whole patient – not just the diagnosis, and made my family and me very comfortable and thankful that she was taking care of my mom. I am now a registered nurse on 4E and have witnessed Marty’s interaction with patients and families. She is still just as good to them as she was to my mom. Marty solidified my resolve to become a nurse so that I could be the one to make difference in someone else’s life, as she did with mine.”