Mercy Medical Center North Iowa
Mercy - North Iowa Achieves Two Robotic Surgery Milestones
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OR Layout Da VinciSurgeons at Mercy Medical Center – North Iowa have now completed over 400 robotic surgery cases since implementing the da Vinci robot in January 2012.

Director of Surgical Services, Melissa McGee, credits an increasing number of surgeons embracing the technology for the quick rise in robotic cases.

“More and more surgeons are interested in using the robot for their surgical cases,” said McGee. “They are seeing the great outcomes from other surgeons and want to offer the technology to their own patients.”

At Mercy – North Iowa, the robot is currently used for general, urology and gynecology surgeries including: gall bladder surgery, nephrectomy procedures, colon procedures, prostatectomies and hysterectomies. Robotic surgery provides great benefits for patients such as less pain and scarring, less time in the hospital and a faster overall recovery time.

Earlier this summer, Dr. Harsha Jayawardena removed a gallbladder through a unique robotic operation requiring only a single half-inch incision in the bellybutton rather than the traditional four half-inch incisions in the abdomen. The procedure, known as a Single-Site Robotic Surgery, is a technically challenging procedure requiring specialized instruments and training.

During the Single-Site Robotic Gall Bladder surgery, the gall bladder is separated from surrounding organs and tissues, the cystic duct between the gall bladder and liver is cut, and the gall bladder removed, all through a single half-inch incision. Patients are generally attracted to single-site robotic surgeries by the aesthetic appeal of having fewer post-operative scars. Doctors say the fewer incisions may also mean faster recovery times, less risk for infection, less risk for bleeding and less pain.

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