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Mercy Breast Center is Certified as Quality Breast Center
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Mercy Breast Center, which is comprised of multiple departments of Mercy Medical Center-North Iowa and Mason City Clinic, has recently been recognized as a Certified Quality Breast Center in the National Quality Measures for Breast Centers Program™.

This distinguished honor represents a commitment by Mercy’s Breast Center to provide the highest level of quality breast health care to patients in northern Iowa and southern Minnesota.

“We are so very proud of the high standard of care that our physicians, nurses and technologists have established while serving patients in an environment that truly does make the patient and their family the top priority,” said Dan Varnum, President/CEO, Mercy Medical Center – North Iowa. “Residents of northern Iowa and southern Minnesota are fortunate to have such high quality care close to their homes.”

Measuring and comparing quality performance is essential in assessing patient care and allocating resources where improvement is desired. In today's dynamic health care industry, breast centers are faced with providing quality care while simultaneously keeping costs under control. A center's staff must not only be familiar with existing standards of care, but must also be aware of new advances in technology.

Mercy’s Breast Center has taken a major step to ensure they provide the best possible quality care to breast patients in their community. Mercy Medical Center – North Iowa and Mercy’s Breast Center is dedicated to providing each person with exceptional care from the initial evaluation through the entire course of cancer treatment. As a comprehensive program, the professionals strive to provide a seamless transition from the primary care physician through biopsy, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up cancer care, according to Steven Allgood, M.D., Medical Director, Mercy Breast Center.

Within Mercy’s Breast Center program, a Nurse Diagnostic Coordinator, Kim Anderson, RN and a Nurse Case Manager, Shari Showalter, RN, BSN, guide and support patients, their families, and their caregivers through the different stages of cancer care. They form the foundation to efficiently navigate patients through the breast cancer experience and act as the liaison communicating between the patient, family, and physicians.

Mercy’s Breast Center program involves many medical experts, including primary care providers, radiologists, pathologists, general surgeons, plastic surgeons, medical oncologists, and radiation oncologists, to deliver a full range of services on one campus in Mason City. Many oncology health professionals form the team to provide the patient with the best possible cancer care experience.

The National Consortium of Breast Centers is proud to recognize Mercy’s Breast Center as a Certified Quality Breast Center. The Breast Center professionals are dedicated to continue their commitment to provide the highest quality care to its patients.

About the National Consortium of Breast Centers
The National Consortium of Breast Centers promotes excellence in breast health care for the general public through a network of diverse professionals dedicated to the active exchange of ideas and resources. It serves as an informational resource and provides support services to those rendering care to people with breast diseases through educational programs, newsletters, a national directory and patient forums. It encourages professionals to concentrate and specialize in activities related to breast disease and encourages the development of programs and centers that address breast disease and promote breast health. It facilitates collaborative research opportunities on issues of breast health; and develops a set of core measures to define, improve and sustain quality standards in breast health care programs and for quality performance in all types of breast health care facilities.

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