Mercy Medical Center North Iowa
Annual Diabetes Fall Festival - New Location
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This year the festival will be held at Mercy Medical Center – North Iowa’s West Campus

Mercy Medical Center – North Iowa’s Annual Diabetes Fall Festival will continue its rich traditional programming, but has moved its location to Mercy – North Iowa’s West Campus, 910 North Eisenhower Avenue, Mason City.

The event, which is hosted by Mercy Diabetes Center and Mercy Kidney Center, will be held Tuesday, September 27 from 5:00 - 8:00 p.m. Participants can come at anytime and enjoy the many exhibits, mini-sessions, a tour of Mercy Diabetes Center, Mercy Dialysis Center and Mercy Westside Retail Pharmacy.

The event is specially designed for those who:
- Have been diagnosed with diabetes;
- Have someone in their family with diabetes;
- Are at risk for developing diabetes; or
- Have pre-diabetes.

Family and friends are welcome to attend. There is no cost and no pre-registration. Just come and enjoy the evening of education and light snacks. Throughout the evening multiple exhibitors will be displaying their latest diabetes products as well as sharing information about services and organizations that can be a resource for those with diabetes.

Participants who wish to, can take time to visit with each exhibitor. “Over the years of this event, hundreds of people have attended and look forward to coming back each year,” said Twila Okerlund, Certified Diabetes Nurse Educator and one of the organizers of the event.

“We hope to see those people again along with new faces this year.”

Five mini-sessions will be repeated throughout the evening. These sessions have proven to be very popular and educational. This year’s topics and presenters are:
The Awesome Power of Goals Stacie Lancaster Learn how to set goals, the seeds of your success. You become what you plant and the quality of your harvest is a direct reflection of the quality of your seeds - your decisions!
Know your numbers - blood sugars, blood pressure, lipids & A1C Joy Schrader, A.R.N.P. Learn how to stay healthy for a lifetime. The goals of diabetes treatment are to: 1.) Keep your glucose levels in target; 2.) Keep your blood pressure and cholesterol levels in target; 3.) Balance your treatment plan with your daily life; 4.) Feel better every day; and 5.) Prevent, delay, or slow the progression of health problems caused by diabetes.
Diabetes medications - What are your opinions? Mark Johnson M.D. Find out more about diabetes medications that may help you keep your blood sugars in target. Pills work to lower glucose in different ways. More than one type of pill may be needed, but sometimes pills aren’t enough to lower glucose. Other options may include non-insulin injections or insulin injections. The best treatment plan is the one that keeps your glucose level in control.
What will you have – fat-free, sugar-free or regular? Keith Hargis, R.D., L.D. Sugar-free or fat-free foods may seem like they should be better food choices for people with diabetes, but find out why this isn’t always true.
Living with diabetes complications Marie Cole, A.R.N.P. It is natural for diabetes to change over time. Complications occur when glucose levels are elevated over time. This causes damage to nerves and blood vessels. High blood pressure and abnormal cholesterol levels add to the risk. This can cause physical and emotional stress. Learn about some treatments that are available.