Mercy Medical Center North Iowa

February 2014 DAISY Award Recipient

Boneta Kozisek, RN, is February's recipient for Mercy Medical Center – North Iowa’s DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses. Each month a nurse from Mercy– North Iowa is honored with The DAISY Award, which recognizes the super-human efforts nurses perform every day. 

Boneta is a flight nurse with Mercy Air Med.  A fellow nurse nominated her for the award.

"Recently, I witnessed Boneta doing something for a patient and her family that brought tears to my eyes.  Always an exceptional nurse, she was on the flight crew the day a child needed to be flown to Iowa City due to chronic health problems.  The parents did not speak English and all explanations needed to go through an interpreter.  As she was getting the child prepared for transport the child was crying, and the mother was hesitant to give the child over to the flight crew.  Bon looked the mother in the eye and put her hand over the mother's hand and told the mother through the interpreter, 'I will take care of her like she was my own.' The mother then placed the child on the stretcher.  Bon continued to talk with the mother and comfort the child.  Bon took the mother's cell number and promised to send her pictures of the child during the flight to Iowa City."