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At Hospice of North Iowa, we believe grief occurs as a normal, healthy response to death.  We also believe grief must be expressed and shared.  Hospice offers a variety of grief support services designed to assist people on their grief journey.

Support Services Include:

Newsletters - Grief education as well as information on upcoming programs is sent during the first year following the death of a loved one.

Bereavement Volunteer Support - If desired, a bereavement volunteer may be assigned to provide bereavement support by listening and assisting with role changes and major adjustments.

Remembrance Services - Remembrance and rituals are valued parts of the grief process.  Special services like the Tree of Life and Butterfly Release encourage families and friends to remember loved ones in a special way.

Understanding Grief & Loss Program - This seven-week program offers support and education to individuals who have experienced the death of a family member or friend.  Topics include:

  • recognizing normal symptoms and feelings surrounding grief
  • developing a safe environment where people have "permission to confidentially discuss grief"
  • providing assurance that grief can be endured and adjustments made
  • developing realistic memories of the deceased
  • encouraging reinvestment in life
  • developing awareness of community support systems

Individual Grief Consultations - Sometimes people benefit from brief professional consultations.  Hospice offers this, on a limited basis, to community members experiencing grief.  Call the hospice office to make an appointment.

Youth Support
Changes that occur in the family structure, because of a death, can cause major stresses.  Youth often need special support as they look to adults for validation of their own grief.

Newsletters - Newsletters are sent following the death of a loved one.  These newsletters are intended to provide education about the grief process and to give support for the future.

Camp Greentree - Camp Greentree offers youth, ages 7-14, the opportunity to meet others who have experienced the death of a family member or friend, as well as the chance to gain coping skills.  Any child who has felt the effects of the death of a loved one is welcome to take advantage of Camp Greentree activities. 

Bereavement Newsletters 
     May-June 2015
     March-April 2015
     January-February 2015
     November-December 2014
     September-October 2014
     July-August 2014 
     May-June 2014
     March-April 2014 
     January-February 2014
     November-December 2013
     September-October 2013
     July-August 2013
May-June 2013

Youth Bereavement Letters
     Youth Letter #1
     Youth Letter #2 
     Youth Letter #3 
     Youth Letter #4 

     Youth Letter #5
     Youth Letter #6 

Bereavement Articles
    Coping As A Family
    Coping With The If Onlys
    Do Nice People Get Angry
    Effects of Grief
Grief - Surviving the Holidays
    Myths and Facts about Grief
    Navigating Childrens Grief
    References and Resources for Adults and Children
    Suggestions to Aid Sleep
    Understanding Grief
    What Can I Do About My Grief



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