Mercy Medical Center North Iowa


Mercy Clinics provide patient care and services in response to a wide range of medical care needs for individuals of all ages-regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, gender, disability or ability to pay for services. Our primary function and purpose is to treat disease, injury, and disability by:

  • Evaluation
  • Examination
  • Use of various procedures and tests
  • To aid patients in achieving their maximum potential within their capabilities
  • Accelerate, promote and prolong our patients' health and wellness.

The care provided within a Mercy Clinic should provide most of the medical services you and your family need. However, if your care should require additional services or consultation, Mercy Clinic physicians have excellent relationships with the specialist in the Mason City area to provide timely and coordinated care to meet your health care needs. If you need or request services that are not available in the surrounding area, our health care team will facilitate continued care/treatment to other physicians or medical centers. Our intent is to provide the best care/service for our customers and to provide effective integration of services to ensure quality patient care has been delivered.

When hospitalization is necessary, most patients are admitted to Mercy Medical Center - North Iowa or an affiliated Regional Hospital. During your hospitalization, the following may care for you:

  • Your primary physician
  • Hospitalist
  • Specialist

Your physician will continue to follow your progress through communication with doctors and nurses involved in your hospital care. You will be returned to the care of your regular provider upon discharge from the hospital for follow up and continuation of your health care needs.